Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review.

If you are interested in having me review a book, the best way to contact me is through email.

Please send me a synopsis of the book and we can begin our discussion! Publishers, indie and small presses, and literary agents: if you’d like me to consider reviewing a title that fits into my taste in books (see below), feel free to send me an email. I will accept self-published books as long as they have been professionally edited. Additionally, I will not hold back on a poor review simply because the book is self-published.

This is a personal blog, and all opinions on the books I review are my own unless otherwise indicated. All books have either been purchased by me, borrowed, or given to me (ARCs, galleys, etc.) for review. I am not paid in exchange for my reviews and I am under no obligation to provide positive reviews. I will always provide my unbiased, honest thoughts on all of the books I read. Any book that I have accepted through the review process and that I have completed will have a review written, regardless of how much or little I liked it. I generally will not review books that I don’t actually finish, but I do attempt to finish all books that I have accepted from authors or publishers. Occasionally, I will post about a book that I didn’t actually finish, but only if I’ve read enough of it to pinpoint why I set it aside and give it fair commentary.

I tag each review with a star rating one through five. I use the stars as follows:

One star: I will never get this period of my life back. Do not read this.
Two stars: Barely readable, not recommended, but it could be personal.
Three stars: Average, adequate, probably worth a shot.
Four stars: Excellent. You should definitely read this.
Five stars: Personal favorite, increased likelihood that I’ll read it more than once. You should most certainly read this!

I am not a professional writer. I do this for fun, because I love to read and share my thoughts about books with others. Additionally, I can’t make any promises that my language won’t stray into the PG-13/R-ratings at times.

Genres I am not likely to accept:

  • Romance
  • Westerns
  • Christian fiction
  • Self-help books*

*I am willing to review self-help books that written by helping professionals and are based on evidence and/or empirical data.

I primarily use my Kindle Voyage to read. This is my preferred method of reading, though I am certainly not opposed to traditional bound books (they smell nice!) and I am willing to read ‘hard copy’ titles. I will only accept cookbooks, graphic novels, and books that are graphic heavy in traditional hard copy format.

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